Counselor’s Corner

Peyton Junior-Senior High School counseling department Mission Statement

Our mission as a counseling department at Peyton is to equip students with confidence to meet challenges that require assertive communication skills, healthy boundaries, and emotional intelligence skills. Every student is provided with an opportunity to find effective coping skills, exercise confident decision-making skills and collaborate with peers. With the support of the community, school and families’ students are encouraged to be successful life-long learning.

Peyton Junior-Senior High School Counseling Department Vision Statement

The goal of the counseling department at Peyton Jr-Senior High School is to equip students with effective communication skills, by boundary setting and building confidence. It is our goal to support students’ academic, social/emotional and career goals through a comprehensive, proactive, and adaptive school counseling program that is accessible to all students.

Our goal is to support students’ academic, social/emotional and career goals through the following: providing comprehensive guidance lessons that are proactive in building healthy boundaries, effective communicative and emotional intelligence skills; collaboration with students, families, and staff during times of stress in order to help meet challenges.

Meet the Counselors

Alicia Martin

Hello Peyton Families!

My name is Alicia Martin. I currently work at the Junior/Senior High School on state data reporting for

the district and I am sure I have seen many of you when I am assisting in the front office. What you may

not know about me is that I am currently a student at Adam’s State University pursuing my Masters of

Arts in School Counseling. The decision to take this step did not come without significant deliberation. I

feel like this path is where I am supposed to be and I have received the most genuine, amazing support

from my family, students, friends, and the staff here at Peyton.

Starting January, 2024, I will be working with Peyton School District counselors Charine Chase and Jamie

Justice, who have welcomed me with open arms and utmost confidence, to obtain my Practicum and

Internship hours needed for this degree. Upon completion, my hope is to continue to work in Peyton

School District as I have come to have a profound connection with this community. I have been

incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to meet many of your students already as a current

employee and I am ecstatic to work with them in a counseling capacity.

It is important to know that I am aware many of you know me because I have children attending school

in the district and from various athletic and community events. I intend to work with each student in

confidence with integrity and trust as I believe every child is deserving of such. Through this process, I

hope to build that same relationship with each of you. At any point if you have any questions or

concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I look forward to working with students and

parents in Peyton schools!

Alicia Martin

Candice Sundstrom

School Psychologist

Charine Chase

Charine Chase

Junior/Senior Counselor

College and Career Advisor

Senior Class Sponsor

Jamie Justice

Jamie Justice

Grades 7-1 2 Counselor

Gifted and Talented

My name is Jamie Justice, and I am one of the school counselors at Peyton Junior/Senior High School. This will be my 13th year as a counselor and my 8th year at Peyton School District. I was the Elementary counselor for 6 wonderful years before I decided to jump up to the junior/senior high. I absolutely love this Peyton community, and I'm so excited for this upcoming school year and all the opportunities and successes it will bring. My little one will be starting 1st grade this year...and I'm sure you know there are so many emotions that go along with that! My husband, son, and I love to go camping, watch and play sports, and spend time with our families. One of my biggest philosophies is building relationships with students and their families.

I will continue to go into our middle school classrooms and teach/guide students to becoming and continuing to be a student with positive character traits. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time with questions or concerns! :)

Risk or Safety Concern?

If you have imminent risk concerns for your child and/or a student during non-school hours (4 p.m. to 7 a.m.), contact 911.

If you have concerns related to a possible safety issue during non-school hours, contact:

Safe2Tell: 1-877-542-7233

El Paso Country Sheriff non-emergency: 1-719- 520-7100