About Peyton Junior-senior High School

Peyton Junior-High and Senior-High schools are located on the same campus.  Our shared location allows for us to offer students the quality education appropriate to their learning level.  We are a four-day school with small class sizes.  Our highly-qualified staff enables us to offer dual-credit (college-credit) classes to students during their high school years.

Meet the Principal

Shane Kelley

Mr. Shane Kelley

ello! My name is Shane Kelley.  I am super excited, honored, and blessed to be a member of the Panther Community.  I am originally from Granada/Lamar, Colorado.  My family has deep roots in public education:  My mom, who taught 2nd grade and ELL for Granada and Ft. Worth, Tx ISD (she was my 2nd grade teacher and taught for 33 years), my father Butch was a Vo-Ag/FFA teacher and later served as the GED coordinator for Bent County Corrections, Betty my stepmom, worked for the Lamar Public Schools for 20 years, and  my stepdad, Dennis, was a Middle School Woods/Trades teacher in Ft. Worth, Texas.

I grew up working on local ranches where I developed a strong work ethic and accountability.  I attended Panhandle State University in Goodwell, Oklahoma and the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley where I also played college football.  I moved to the Pikes Peak Region in 1997 for my first teaching/coaching job in Ellicott, Colorado.  Since then I have taught and coached in Ellicott, Peyton, Falcon, and Liberty High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This year will be my 25th year in public education as a teacher, coach, and administrator.

Growing up in Southeast Colorado, I had the rare opportunity of getting involved in “living history” through my dad.  It led to being a part of a lot of commercials, movies, documentaries, Wild West shows, and historical reenactments.  Some of them include: Reenactment of Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show, The Medicine Tale Coulee Battle of the Little Bighorn Reenactment, Bent’s Fort Dragoon Army of the West encampment, History Channel documentary on the Sand Creek Massacre, Chesrown Chevrolet Posse and Emich Dodge Commercial Campaigns, Flying W Wranglers music video, TV mini-series Son of the Morning Star (1991),  Conagher (1991), Far and Away (1992), The Postman (1997), Ride with the Devil (1999), and many other Civil War/Indian War reenactments.

I live in the Peyton/Falcon area with my fiancé Carrie.  Between us, we have 6 children ranging in ages from 13 to 21.  We also live there with our dogs, a cat named Frying Pan, three goats, and six horses.

In my spare time I like to CPRA rodeo, compete at team roping jackpots, day help on local ranches, go boating out on Pueblo Reservoir, go to concerts, travel, and spend time with my family.

Junior High School Mission Statement

Peyton Junior High School will provide a well-balanced, educational experience that promotes:

  1. A safe environment that encourages confidence in all students so that they will take risks to achieve their potential.

  2. A challenging academic curriculum to provide the skills necessary to meet future goals.

  3. The development of critical thinking and effective communication skills.

High School Mission Statement

In partnership with our community, Peyton High School is committed to providing a creative, safe and supportive environment where students, staff and parents strive to provide opportunities to discover purpose, seek resources and create experiences for learning, personal growth and responsible citizenship.

Students will demonstrate:

  1. Ability to solve problems, make decisions analytically, think creatively and work individually and collaboratively.

  2. Effective communication skills including contemporary and traditional technology.

  3. Skills needed for self-directed lifelong learning.

  4. Awareness of components of emotional and physical wellness.

Gym Mural

The 2013 Peyton High School Mural is a gift from the Classes of 2010, 2012, and 2013.  The mural was designed and painted by Bart Hanks.  Every part of the mural has a meaning:

  • The Ring – symbolizes that we are all one

  • The Two Stars on the Ring – boys/men and girls/women

The Eleven Stars around the Ring – in alphabetical order:

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Cheer

  • Football

  • Future Business Leaders of America  and Matchwits

  • National Junior Honor Society and National Honor Society

  • Student Council

  • The Arts – Art, Drama, Music, Speech

  • Track and Cross Country

  • Volleyball

  • Wrestling

The Peyton Sheild – protecting our schools and community

  • The Four Showing Stars on the Shield – Administrators, Teachers, Coaches, and the entire Staff

  • The Covered Star or “Silent Star” on the Shield- The countless volunteers, parents, and friends that support, drive, help, and hug our kids, strengthen our schools, our community, and are hardly heard from

  • The Panther – faces toward the bleachers – reminding people where they are

Some mural facts:

  • Height – 20 feet

  • Width – 22 feet

  • Hand painted – the largest brush used was 1 inch; the smallest brush used was 1/8 inch

  • It took Bart 26 hours to draw it and 142 hours to paint it

There is a prayer written behind The Panther… Lord, Please protect all who come to this gymnasium and guide them safely to and from their home.  – Amen.