Peyton Way Foundation

The Peyton Way Foundation is an organization started by a group of local volunteers dedicated to promoting and supporting programs that will enhance academic, artistic, and athletic excellence.

Our mission is to provide financial support for programs that will enhance the educational opportunities of the students and staff in Peyton School District 23JT.  To apply for funding throughout the year, (to be considered separately from the foundation’s Mini Grant Application), complete the Donation Request Form. Supporting our community will always be an important part of our organization, however, it is unfortunately impossible to honor all requests.

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) registered in the State of Colorado, the Foundation provides a tax-deductible vehicle for citizens, businesses and foundations to contribute to Peyton School District 23JT. The Foundation will be a source of financial support for specific needs that the school district is unable to fund, either by law or by budgetary limitations.