The Peyton Elementary School music program serves students from Kindergarten through the sixth grade. Students from third to sixth grade have 55 minute classes and meet Monday through Thursday, every other week, while kindergarten through second grade have twenty minute classes every day.

Taught by Mrs. Rohrkaste, lessons follow the Colorado Department of Education Standards of 2020. Mrs. Rohrkaste leads using ‘village style’ (as in “We are all members of the same village; let’s work together to make it a good one.”), often partnering students in pairs and groups, because there is always something that we can learn from someone else.

Some of her lessons include: learning on an instrument, like the ukulele, recorder or rhythm instrument, as well as singing and preparing for programs. The best part of trying an instrument is seeing if the student is interested in “sticking with” the rigor or practice time or other aspect. We learn as much about ourselves as we do the instrument when we study it for several weeks.

Feel free to drop a line, if you like: Cherilyn Rohrkaste