Peyton Junior-Senior High School Staff

Front Office

  • Derek Burnside, Principal 
  • Marla Mockerman, Secretary 
  • Charine Chase, Counselor/Scheduling 
  • Tracy Pavetti, Scheduling and Career Guidance

Art and Graphic Arts

  • RoxAnne Krute 

Computers and Technology

  • Tom Cole 


  • Jennifer Keith, High School English (Bio)
  • Scott Lee, High School English
  • Annette Mosbarger, 7th Grade Language Arts (Bio) 
  • Lindsey Jobe, 8th Grade Language Arts
  • Elizabeth Henke

Foreign Language

  • Angela Miller, Spanish 

Journalism and Yearbook

  • RoxAnne Krute 


  • Val Mullenax 


  • Michael Auclaire, High School Math (Bio)
  • Gregg Dahlberg, High School Math (Bio)
  • Kris Hunt, High School Math 
  • Kris Wendell, Junior and Senior High School Math 

Music (Band, Choir, Guitar, and Orchestra)

  • Claire Dupre 

Physical Education

  • Ron Clang 
  • Richard Deems (Bio)


Social Studies

  • Nathan Trice, Junior High Social Studies (Bio)
  • Danielle Wilson
  • Cyntavia Seney-
  • Melany Whittemore, High School Social Studies (Bio)

Special Education

  • Vicky Martin, Director 
  • Kelly Bond, Paraprofessional 
  • Ranata Byrd, Paraprofessional 
  • Tracy Leidholm, Paraprofessional 
  • Melissa Wiseheart, Paraprofessional 

Support Staff: Custodial

  • Lorna Borgen, Head Custodian 
  • Nancy Pike, Custodian
  • Seth Templeton, Custodian

Support Staff:  Nutritional Services

  • Melissa Beltz, Head Cook 
  • Assistant Cook – Kim Templeton