Peyton Elementary Title I

Title I

Peyton Elementary uses Title I funds to help students achieve success at their grade level.


Have you wondered if your child struggles with dyslexia? The website has a vast amount of information about this topic including videos that explain what dyslexia looks like in a child. There is also a checklist of Warning Signs for dyslexia. The author of the site is Susan Barton. We have her program here at the elementary school and use it with a large number of students. If you want to tutor your own child with her materials, please let me know. We have purchased the site license to copy her materials for use with our students and I can set you up with everything you need to help your student.

Peyton Elementary School’s Title I Teacher

My name is Mrs. Shannon. I am an Ohio native, but am very grateful to have chosen Colorado in which to settle down many years ago. I began my teaching career here in Peyton in 1988, when we had one teacher per grade level at the “old building.” Memories! Over the years I have taught 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades. Then, after 14 years in the classroom, I was fortunate to be able to move into the Title 1 Reading position, where I am able to follow my passion of helping students become better readers and spellers.

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Malone College (now a university) in Canton, Ohio and my Master of Education Degree in Literacy: Curriculum and Instruction from Lesley University. I hope and plan on continuing the rest of my years in this position at Peyton Elementary School where I will attempt to help as many students as possible with improving their literacy skills.

I have three grown sons, who have all attended the Peyton School District from beginning to end. I am proud of all three of my sons: one is a Manager of a restaurant, another who is serving in the Coast Guard, and the third who is serving in the Marine Corps.

In my spare time I quilt as often as I can, crochet baby blankets for the hospital and pregnancy center, work on my boys’ photo albums (no…I am still not done yet), attempt to keep a garden alive, and spend as much time with my wonderful husband as I can.

From August to (hopefully!) February you will find me in front of the TV cheering for the Broncos!