Peyton Career and Technical Education Facility Staff

David Davis, Lead Woods Manufacturing Instructor

In addition to teaching Cabinet Manufacturing classes at Peyton, David is a part time instructor at Red Rocks Community teaching cabinet making one evening a week. He also spent two years as an instructional assistant at the college before becoming an instructor, helping to teach subjects from Fine Furniture Creation to CNC technology. David grew up working on a family ranch near Ordway, Colorado where he discovered his love for woodworking at a young age. Once he graduated high school, he went on to Red Rocks community college to pursue a degree in Fine Woodworking.  During his time as a student, he was greatly influenced by the technology side of woodworking, spending his time learning as much about CNC operations and programming that he could. Also, while going to school, he was able to work for Austin Hardwoods where he learned the market side of the woods industry.  Through his training at the school he was then able to acquire a job at Precision Interiors, a local custom architectural mill work company. There he worked in numerous different positions specializing in the area of CNC Technology.

Chet Miller, Woods Manufacturing Instructor

Kevin Black, Automotive and Hand Tools Instructor

Peter Smith, Lead Automotive Instructor

Mary Krisko, Counselor

Mrs. Krisko

Lorna Borgen, Custodian

Joan Claman – Custodian